AI for Theft Claims Evaluation

EPHOD: your fast, accurate AI-powered insured items evaluator. Are you a Property & Casuality insurer who needs instantaneous, accurate and cost-effective evaluations for your theft claims?
EPHOD provides real-time demand-side market value.

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Who We Are

We are a team of experts in digital innovation and insurance,

passionate about creating tangible value at scale for insurers with a fast, accurate AI-powered evaluator. Ephod leverages cutting-edge AI technology to accelerate machine learning near real-time from the latest market dynamics.


EPHOD: your fast, accurate AI-powered theft claims dossiers evaluator.

How does Ephod work? We process virtually any type of input: certificates, invoices, free text descriptions, even photos - to provide an accurate and explainable evaluation.

Customer First

EPHOD is developed based on insights from professional theft evaluators in insurance, and is designed to cut through the complexity of manual evaluation to dramatically increase productivity.

AI Engine

At the heart of EPHOD is an inference engine made of artificial neural networks that learns continuously new features to provide ever accurate evaluations.

Digital Integration

Seamless integration into client's digital ecosystem; with simple and clearly explained API. We deliver digital integration services to help customers deliver on their digital transformation.

Transparent Economics

Transparent pricing for the enterprise.
Our focus is the customer story. To make EPHOD succeed, our customers must succeed. Our subscription fee is negotiated based on valuations volumes.

Designed for productivity

Consistent user experience on web and mobile devices with design centered around productivity.

Powerful Analytics

Efficient backoffice process to help streamline your reporting, forecasting and digital tracking.

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We would be delighted to show you in real-time the power of AI at work in evaluating theft claims with direct application to insurance dossiers processing.
EPHOD: your fast, accurate AI-powered theft claims evaluator.